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User Access Security Management

User Access Security Management

ERP Software Development Company has provided an administrating system to allow individuals to access tools at the required time. User access security management is basically used to ensure data security of the organization and provides access to services for all users in the organization. Inspection of user activities is maintained automatically with this Cloud-based ERP System, controls employee data, and maps the organization without changing the internal system.


  • Multi-user support
  • Employee database
  • User rights and profile setting (add, edit, view and delete levels of all Masters/ Transactions & reports)
  • Financial year creation and closure
  • Configuration of transactions codes in all modules
  • Create heads
  • Sub-heads
  • Item specifications
  • Create a site office or branch
  • Create employees with hierarchy
  • Create types of vendors or contractors
  • Create specifications for subcontractors (third parties)
  • Create types of qualified subcontractors (third parties)
  • Create types of clients


  • Employee/user listing
  • Department Listing
  • User rights report
  • Access log report (audit trail)

Key Features

  • The search of a name and description
  • Create a budget and minor cash flow
  • Reconcile financial reports

With different levels of authorization has different MIS reports, business management system will be dependent and covers many aspects.


  • User-friendly interface and quick operated tool
  • It has filter options for reports
  • Reports can be exported into Microsoft Excel, PDF formats
  • Direct e-mail of reports from the system
  • Improved security features for data safety
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