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Service Management

Service Management

Service Management is an ERP Solution System combines all aspects of the organization such as planning, strategies, policies, objectives, etc to meet the business needs efficiently. This is the large modular systems which include all aspects of a service-oriented organization. Online ERP is applicable to any sector such as food, manufacturing and even healthcare, and acts as a centralized system to plan and develop services for the company.


  • Auto email of escalated calls to management on system start-up
  • Auto alert report of overdue preventive maintenance visits on system start-up
  • Auto email to your service manager and customers on the call being logged
  • Auto email to your engineers on call allocation
  • Auto mail to your service manager and customer on call closure
  • Manage customer's database
  • Manage sold product database
  • Your company's entire installations database
  • Excellent tracking via the serial number of the product
  • Warranties &AMC with end dates
  • Early warnings of end dates of warranties & AMCs
  • Conversion of expired warranties & AMC to comprehensive or non-comprehensive AMCs.
  • Automated preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Capture preventive maintenance visits.
  • Early warnings of calls from customers having products with expired AMC & warranties
  • Calls allocations
  • Service history
  • Escalations of calls based on standard company policy
  • Stored scanned service reports (document management)
  • There are numerous reports and inquiries – some of which are listed below
  • Calls received register
  • Installations list
  • Service history
  • Engineers travel time analysis
  • Income from services
  • Pending service requests
  • Completed calls history
  • List of pending calls
  • List of pending preventive maintenance call
  • List of warranties expiring by a given date
  • List of AMC expiring by a given date
  • Retrieve scanned service reports
  • Customer support statistics
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