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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Web based ERP is a systematic approach to extract profit from raw materials and final products. It includes various aspects such as controlling and overseeing purchases from customers, maintaining amount and storage of inventory. It is a component of Supply Chain Management and takes care of the flow of goods and from manufacturer to warehouse, and keeps the latest records of each product. Cloud-based online ERP software simplifies the complex process . It keeps various data to keep the records of materials and end products, as the other processes become more difficult this software intergrates and goes in depth to sort out the problem.


  • Goods received from suppliers
  • Requisition from other stores
  • Authorize requisitions
  • Issue stocks against authorized requisitions to projects &sites
  • Stock adjustments
  • Weighted average costing or FIFO & multi stores facilities
  • Invoices yet to be raised for sales orders (report)
  • Stock List (report)
  • Items with the stock below reorder level (report)
  • Stock Ledger (report)
  • Movement summary for a month (report)
  • Transactions summary for any period (report)
  • Transactions Detailed for any period (report)
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