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MagPro is a CRM solution offers a dynamic work environment for sales executives, deals, Ad bookings, scheduling, billing, collection, MIS, production, and planning of your publications business and error-free operations. This Online ERP Software offers increased productivity for ad sales by handling appointments, sales pitch, follow-ups, proposals, and daily performance reports through a link enabled dashboard, which navigates one to the complete trail of the transactions. MagPro is a dynamic solution which integrates advertising workflow right from signing many contracts with agencies or advertiser for bookings, uploading in real -time final reconciliation thereof post-publication. It also provides for material image library and maintains a unique ID to all images for future use thus saving on time for quick retrieval of ad materials.
Web-based ERP Software also ensures that your scheduling process is made efficient to leverage revenue maximization with planned pagination, deal management, flexible order booking, virtually makes no good, allows transparency in the system, provides a higher level of satisfaction for customers.
MagPro not only ends with scheduling but it begins from here by generating cent percent accurate bills for ad sales, posting to agency/client ledgers, accounting of collections, various age-wise reports for your collection plannings, debit/credit notes. Online ERP has provisions to generate bills for your newsstand sales or for any other distributor selling your publications. It not only gives you timely revenue collections and enhanced organizational profitability but also complete peace of mind on accounts receivables.

Scope of Applications

MagPro CRM Software to include general features:

Pre Sales

  • Sales Force Automation (CRM)

Post Sales

  • Market Comparative Analysis (market share & yield)
  • Ad agencies and client management
  • Deal management
  • RO management
  • Scheduling
  • Print verification


  • Newsstand billing
  • Billing and collection (integrating with your existing ERP, XML integration)


  • Comprehensive MIS (age wise)
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