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Post Sale Services-Warrantee-Complaints

Post Sale Services-Warrantee-Complaints

After Sales service

Any kind of service provided to the customers after they have purchased the product is termed as after-sales service. In some companies it is considered as a marketing strategy, it is provided by a retailer, manufacturer, or a third party customer service. After sales service usually consists of warranty facilities, training, repair, and other services. This system ensures that customers get maximum possible value out of their purchase, and also it creates brand loyalty as satisfied customers tend to purchase repeatedly. A good after sales support can bring positive feedback for the company reputation.

After sales service Examples

  • Help desk and technical support service offer help through technical assistance, a computer system, mobile phones or any other machinery.
  • Another support is provided which includes email, messages or social media platforms to reply queries of customers.
  • There are automated customer service lines which provide solutions to complex issues, from any anywhere at any point in time with the help of internet.
  • Automated support resources allow quick access to the online solution for customers to interact, search questions and answers.
  • Pre-installation service is a good example of after-sales service when a customer purchases the product like a fan or air condition it usually comes with a manual installation, it requires technical expertise as it creates good relation with customers.
  • Warranty service is a very known form of after-sales service which almost every company provides for their customer. Warranty service includes repairing or replacing certain parts of the product within a period of time.
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