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Dealer Distribution Solution

Dealer Distribution Solution

Channel Distribution Management

It is the only cost-effective solution that integrates Sales Force Automation (SFA), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a single package. This system put the process in a place so that maximizes productivity by 15-40% regardless of the size of the company. This Online ERP Software is handy, robust and compact.
This Web-based ERP Software can be implemented with a user-friendly interface and within no time the organization will find their production skyrocketing. You can be provided with your desired business profits with the deployment of Mx-ERP.

Application Deployment

  • Optional Web-hosted, Local hosted in LAN or IP hosting
  • The application can be integrated with the SMS facility
  • The service module can be two ways of SMS connected.
  • The technicians can do the service status related data entry with SMS, further this feature can be activated for hosted application only.
  • The application can be connected with a personal digital assistant.
  • Location of data entry can be traced which can be used for sales executive.

Benefits of the Application

  • Guided Sales Revenues
  • Efficient sales cycle
  • Economical customer relationship
  • Just in time distribution
  • Optimum inventory management
  • Dynamic product and service catalog.
  • Work anytime and from anywhere.
  • Instant communication
  • Sales performance analysis
  • Payment tracking

Key Modules of the Application

Sales Force Automation

  • Generating new sales inquiries
  • Follow up of the sales inquiries and complete history is maintained.
  • Status of each inquiry (executive wise on various parameters)
  • Tracking of all sales inquiries (customer wise/sales executive wise)
  • Last contact report of each customer.

Customer Relation Management

  • Tracking of sales order status
  • Management of out of warranty products.
  • Sale refund due to expiry date/quality/manufacturing/defects.

Supply Chain Management

  • Creation of organized distributor and dealer network.
  • Sales order collection from dealers and distributors.
  • Stock transfer in the distribution network
  • Tracking of stock in the distribution network
  • Payment collection and due payment details
  • Tracking of all payments with dealers & distributors

Details of the module

Sales Force Automation

  • Customer creation
  • Customer categorization
  • Generation of new sales inquiries (cold calls, internet reference, air, advertisements)
  • Follow up for the sales inquiries and history.
  • Status of each inquiry
  • Tracking of all sales inquiries (customer wise & sales executive wise)
  • Maintainance of daily tasks and meeting through dairy.
  • The facility of task scheduler and alerts.
  • Pending task report
  • Facility to send emails through systems and information to get filed with an inquiry as a case history or future reference.
  • Central maintained a library for all documents, accessed by all executives.
  • Daily work report of sales executives.
  • Once order converts into orders, sales order generated with the order number.
  • Sales order generation with the delivery schedule.
  • Orders status and reports (executive wise/ customer wise)
  • Closed inquiry and order lost report for analyzing possible reasons for failure and take corrective steps.


  • Customer and consignee listing
  • Sales order status
  • Sales register
  • Pending task report
  • Last contact report of each customer
  • Daily sales/calls report of each employee
  • Monthly reports of sales (executives, customers, product wise)

Supplier Management

  • Supplier categorization and database
  • Supplier item database along with the supplier wise price fixation.
  • Provision for supplier wise terms and condition
  • Indent (Generation/adjustments)
  • Purchase order (generation/amendments/adjustments)
  • Purchase order generation against indent /sales order.
  • Purchase order status (vender wise/product wise)


  • Supplier listing
  • Indent register
  • Pending indent status
  • Purchase order register
  • Pending purchase order status.
  • Purchase order amendment history.
  • Provides analysis and MIS reports in the selection of the best supplier and effective procurement.

Multi-level Inventory

  • Catalog creation of all design & products.
  • A sampling of new designs with costs.
  • Product categorization
  • Product master
  • User definable stocks alert (max, min, reorder)
  • Creation of bill of material (BOM) with costing.
  • Goods receipt and inspection
  • Sales order generation with a delivery schedule
  • Dispatch/delivery details depend on the sales order.
  • Status of the pending sales order.
  • Issue of materials (as per indent)
  • Issue of material (as per bill of material or individuals)
  • Return of material (excess return)
  • Stocks adjustments (physical verification of stock)
  • Stock status (product wise/category wise)
  • MIS analysis of orders, sales, pending orders on a wide variety of criteria (client wise/product wise/date wise/order wise)


  • Issue register
  • Return register
  • Stocks report (stocks statement/stocks balance)
  • Stocks Ledger (consolidate/quantitative)
  • Stock statement summary (category/group/type wise)
  • Rejection stock ledger

Dispatch and delivery

  • Copy of sales order with a delivery schedule
  • Order status and report (executive wise/customer wise)
  • Packing list
  • Performa invoice & final invoice
  • Customer follow up

Additional features

  • Allows sending emails & documents through system and information for future reference.
  • Centralized library for all documents.
  • Maintenance of daily tasks and meetings.
  • Gives alerts and reminders from user to another.
  • The auto-generated alert system if work is pending.

Software Administration & Employee Management

  • Multi-user
  • Creation of brand and region
  • Employee database
  • Source of inquiry
  • Status of inquiry
  • Daily attendance of employees.
  • Set rights of executives, according to their profile
  • Users rights and profile setting (add, edit, view & delete levels of all transaction)


  • Employee user listing
  • Employee performance
  • Employee work report
  • Expenses report (employee/region- branch)
  • Employee expenses report against sales inquiry and orders
  • User rights report
  • Access log report


  • User-friendly interface and easy to operate.
  • Detailed help for using the system and all of its module.
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