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Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation is an Online ERP software which automates workflow, streamlines the business process, manages leads and helps in improving team performance.
Main features of Sales Force Management system consists of contact management and opportunity management with email and task management. Contact management software is helpful in tracking the communication with the customers, creates overall interaction history along with sales and other activities. Cloud-based ERP Solution allows sales lead tracking from the beginning of an inquiry to the closed sale.


  • Tracking of sales order status
  • Payment tracking (view plans &dues and payment history against each other)
  • Payment collections and due payment detail
  • Sales executive performance analysis
  • Branch Performance
  • Closed inquiry and Order lost reports.

Matrix –

The Swift Logics is the cost-effective solution that combines all sales force of your company with your point of view and current customers. It also analyzes the current revenue trends and prospective sales, this will support in planning your investment and growth of your enterprise. This software is a browser-based and has a very user-friendly interface. Sooner or later the company will increase its productivity since the day of software implementation. Matrix provides you with the desired business benefits, few benefits with the deployment of Matrix is as follows -

Guided Sales Revenue

Managers and salespeople have sufficient time to close a number of deals and will not allow longer meeting sessions just for gathering reports from others. Backend operation functioning becomes smoother as well as faster, no time would be required to collect reports thus making sales force more productive.

Efficient Sales Cycle

Planned Sales Call, Tracking and Monitoring.
This system allows users to track customer information after the sales call has been done. It keeps a detailed record of the customer and also monitors the behavior of them. Getting follow up for the customers is crucial as it provides a better forecast for further purchase.

Quick generating Sales reports

Organizing and keeping track of reports have become faster and easier, using this software allows users to generate sales report easily and eliminates manual work. This process saves times and helps in planning for future projects.

Proper Scheduling

With software system managers can keep a record of all meetings & appointments, further this application also helpful in reminding them of their schedule through email alerts or messages so that they won't miss them. Managing everything on time is very important in business as it generates money.

Improved Communication

This ERP for software solution helps in providing an overall picture of the process which means it creates transparency across every department of the organization. This system allows internal communication among team members so that work can be done effectively and efficiently.

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