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CRM Modules

CRM Modules

ACG Infotech Limited designs CRM Software Solution for every enterprise to understand the customer's requirement effectively. Customer Relationship Management is known as the information center of business, it is used by the sales team to automate the sales process and retrieve the information from a centralized location easily. Mx-CRM, a Web-based CRM is considered efficient and able to create and manage customers' requests. This software helps in accessing the customer details so that it can be converted into leads, and later on, managers can track them and convert it into deals.

CRM Software Solutions in India has evolved and is taking over every business module in the world, and everyone is aware that their business can be successful if they have a better rapport with their customers.

To build a beneficial long-term relationship with customers, enterprises must need CRM software that can handle multiple tasks with various features and capabilities. Web-based CRM Solution provides solutions to the company with their existing business issues so that they can pay good service to their clients.

Customer Relationship Management is a technical tool or strategy that allows the business to perform better and access customer data. Basically, CRM acts as a platform that connects various departments, from marketing to sales, and other verticals into one cohesive system. Users can access real-time information with the help of CRM Software Solution.

Features of Our Web Based CRM

  • It can be quickly accessed at any time and from anywhere, provided there should be internet connectivity.
  • It has lower on-going operational cost as compared to the traditional system.
  • Additional functionality can be added to the current software as per customers' needs.
  • CRM software allows the workflow to be efficient and effective.
  • This system manages a large number of customers with ease.
  • Maintain the recorded history of each customer about their placed transactions.

Online CRM

CRM Modules

Online CRM Software Development Company

ACG Infotech Limited is highly regarded and most prominent online CRM Software Development Company in India that provides solutions and maintains pre-sales and post-sales records of customers.

The system also helps to form a bond between former and future prospective and increases efficiency at the same time. It provides a wide range of solutions to different issues in the business and helps to understand so that it can be handled efficiently.

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