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Help Desk

Help Desk

Online ERP Software for Help Desk helps in providing with the best supporting tool for implimenting better customer service.

Help desk

Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Report, Integration.

Project/site/property management

Process of managing projects becomes smooth with Web-based ERP software and it effectively deals with various departments with team collaboration and experts. One can track the project easily no matter what size of the project is.

Multi-site support

Configurations of all site can be customized according to the working procedures also multiple sites can be managed with the help of single help desk tool. The user of the help desk has complete control and allows work visibility, hence help can be given if required in the organization.

Trouble-ticket dispatch

Latest addition of ticket assigning depends on the pressure created upon the technicians. Before the final dispatch, this ERP Software thoroughly checks SLA & availability of tickets.

Data Archiving

Performance of helpdesk can be optimized by storing or archiving the old, unused data at a specific location and the only helpdesk is authorized to retrieve the archived data from the system by searching and reporting techniques.

Email Alerts

Email alerts are automated and are sent to the appropriates.

Help desk Notifications

Get notified about the status of tickets through emails and messages. Moreover, automatic login information is provided for all users.

Help desk Reports

It helps in generating complete help desk performance to increase business. This system enables to analyze and take control over assets in reporting functionalities.

Mobile app for help desk

Accessing tickets has become faster, any technicians who wish to get tickets at any time can get through mobile applications. Implementing a Web-based Software makes way for the help desk to meet its requirements.

Self-service portal

Self-service portal is developed to assist help desk to access their existing tickets, track request status through the web-based portal to minimize workload.

Service level agreement

It provides Quality service to users by creating SLA, multi-level hierarchy and ensures the business need is met.

User Survey

Know the satisfaction level of end users with the help of help desk survey according to survey criteria.

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