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Retail Chain Management With POS

Retail Chain Management With POS

Matrix for Retail Chain Management

Enhance retail profitability by transforming insight into action ACGIL has launched Online ERP Software, Matrix for retail purpose converts data related to merchandise, operations to knowledge which allows insight for performance.
Retail Chain Management is the process of managing the entire supply chain of the retail organization. It is usually inspected closely and should be without any defects as product movements are more and cycle time is lower.
Retail which is one of the biggest sectors of the global economy is facing a transition phase not only in India but all over the world. Web-based ERP, Matrix for retail turns data about customers, merchandise and operations into knowledge that provides greater insight into performance and empower retailers to make more informed decisions, take advantages, strengthen customer and vendor loyalty. Retailers can select from a wide range of Matrix that includes retail analytics experience, along with retail expertise and merchandising best practice in the market.
Customers are becoming more and more demanding and extract the level of services they are being offered. Retailers, in turn, have responded by enhancing the variety of products, by making it more competitive and striving high level of services. Retail Chain Management mostly targets small & medium sized retailers who are seeking to automate their stores.

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