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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management is a software tool used and practiced by business professionals, it provides integrated solutions of data related to suppliers, customers, distributors, carriers, partners, and contract manufacturers.
ACG Infotech Limited provides Web-Based ERP Software which combines with the best in class management option that allows the enterprise to plan & execute business strategies in beneficial ways.
Online ERP Software allows the organization to manage the production costs with a compatative analysis that this software provides to users. It enables the cost to be loaded in for components and assemblies from various internal inputs and can perform multi-tier cost roll up to final product level. This software permits the user to view total product cost with their elements and work out actual costs to meet final targets. It also allows users to see the supply chain decision effects of profits in real-time.

Modules of Supply Chain Management (SCM)


  • Manage multiple Branches, Employee hierarchy
  • Customers Data Sheet and data updation module
  • Central request Pool (add sales lead to central pool)
  • Request Transfer (Branch Wise and hierarchy wise)
  • Request Follow-up
  • Request Status management and MIS (from cold call, business maturity)
  • Maintenance of Daily tasks and meetings.
  • Facility of task scheduler and alerts
  • Pending task report.
  • Send emails and documents through software inbuilt emailing solution.
  • Daily work report of Sales Executives
  • Enquiries convert into order, Generate sales order with Order No.
  • Feed payment details


  • Tracking of Sales Orders Status
  • Payment Tracking (view plan and dues and payment history against each order)
  • Payment collection and due payments details
  • Sales Executive Performance Analysis
  • Branch Performance
  • Closed enquiry and Order lost report.


  • Customer History
  • Follow up of the customer and history is maintained for all communication.
  • Sales Order Generation with delivery schedule
  • Orders Status and Report (executive-wise / Customer Wise)


  • Customer Categorization and Database
  • Consignee Database and its linkage with respective Customer
  • Customer Item Mapping along with customer wise price fixation facility
  • Sales Order Receipt & delivery schedule Plan
  • Customer Feedback


  • Customer and consignee Listing
  • Sales Order Status
  • Sales Register
  • List of Invoice (Customer Wise/Item Wise/ Date Wise)
  • Printouts of Invoice (Local and Export)
  • MIS

Module's Highlights

  • MIS Analysis of sales orders
  • Pending for Approval
  • Sales orders with status of deliveries.


  • Supplier Categorization and Database
  • Supplier Item database along with the Supplier wise price fixation
  • Provision for Supplier wise terms and conditions
  • Supplier wise Quote comparison of different Item.
  • Supplier/Vendor Selection on various criteria (Quality/ Delivery Time/ Price)
  • Indent (Generation/ Adjustments)
  • Purchase Order (Generation/Amendments/Adjustment)
  • Purchase Order generation against Indent / RM Planning


  • Supplier Listing
  • Indent Register
  • Pending Indent Status
  • Purchase Order Register
  • Pending Purchase Order Status
  • Purchase Order Amendment History
  • Provides analysis and MIS reports in selection of best supplier and effective procurement.

Module's Highlights

  • Generation of Bar codes with Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Amendment History
  • Quote comparison of different Item & suppliers
  • Analysis and MIS reports in selection of best supplier and effective procurement


  • Multi store facility
  • Multi level item categorization (category-group-type)
  • Item Database
  • Material allocations (rack-bin wise) in store
  • User definable stock alerts (Max,min,reorder & critical levels)
  • Goods receipt note (against PO/ direct purchase)
  • Verification/Inspection of material received
  • Control over quality rejection to be returned to suppliers.
  • Issue of material (as per indent)
  • Issue of material (as per bill of material or individuals)
  • Return of material (excess return)
  • Stocks adjustments (physical verification of stock)
  • Non refundable gate pass
  • Returnable gate pass outgoing/incoming
  • Department rejection control
  • Inventory tracking with barcodes & barcode scanning


  • Goods Receipt notes (printouts/pending for inspection / pending for bill,register)
  • GRN inspection sheet (raw material procured)
  • Item shortage from challan quantity
  • Issue register / return register
  • Return department wise
  • Stocks adjustments register
  • Non returnable gate pass register
  • Report from non moving items
  • Department rejection, return resgister
  • Stocks report (stocks statement, stocks balance)
  • Stocks ledger (consolidate / quantitative)
  • Rejection stock ledger
  • (Returnable Gate pass) RGP register
  • RGP pending material
  • Stock statement summary (category/group/type wise)

Module's Highlights

  • Generation of bar codes at the time of classification of inventory
  • Complete inventory tracking with barcodes & barcode scanning at every stage.
  • Multi level item categorization (category-group-type)
  • Auto definable stock alerts (max, min, reorder & critical levels)
  • Complete stock status of all items in every item and stage.

It is the complete process of recording and reporting of transaction results of business operations. This includes accounting of all finance, related transactions, generating online balance sheet, Trial Balance, P/L Account Group or unit-wise, cost-center-wise as well as consolidated for group companies. Other features would be the costing and profitability with respect to the division or unit.


  • General ledger
  • Sales accounting
  • Purchase accounting
  • Invoice generating with the details of service tax
  • Account receivable
  • Account payable
  • Direct expenses (salary, conveynace, travelling)
  • Common expenses (Rent, Telephone, Electricity, Office Boy Salary, Reception Salary, Printing, Stationary & Courier Charges etc.), which are allocated to all groups or units and connect to the account on the manual basis.
  • Groups, units or company profitability and consolidation.
  • Calculation and report of company profitability.
  • Trial Balance, P & L A/c., Balance Sheet
  • Consolidated P&L and Balance Sheet for Group Companies.
  • Parameterized Integration with Payroll.
  • Transaction History Details.
  • Multiple Level Trial Balance.
  • Single voucher generation and share expenses till unit level.
  • Every branch fully independent.

Inter site and office connectivity (cloud hosted application)

This cloud-hosted application will facilitate the data maintainance or replications at one location. It is compatible and handles the servers' connectivity at different locations or sites.


  • Multi user support
  • Employee database
  • User rights and profile setting (add, edit, view, and delete levels of all transactions and reports)
  • Financial year creation and closure
  • Configureation for transaction codes in all modules
  • Create heads
  • Sub-heads
  • Item specifications
  • Create site office or branch
  • Create employees with hierarchy
  • Create types of vendors or contractors
  • Create sub specifications for sub contractors (third parties)
  • Create types of qualified sub contractors (third parties)
  • Create types of clients


  • Employee / user listing
  • Department listing
  • User rights report
  • Access log report (Audi trail)

Key Features

  • Search of name and description fields
  • Create budget and monitor cash flow
  • Reconcile financial reports

Different MIS reports will be provided at various levels of authorization. A huge section of business management system is dependent and MIS will cover many aspects.


  • User-friendly interface and easy to operate
  • Filter options before reports thus following the user to see one report from different angles
  • Export facility of reports into microsoft excel, PDF format
  • Direct email of reports from the system
  • Enhanced security features to provide data safety.
  • Developed on the open source technologies thus ensuring complete reliability for the future enhancements.

ACG Infotech Limited provides software which enables our clients to react in time to market scenario with great speed or else it would take more time to gather information and make decisions for purchases. With the help of this software, organization can meke decision for the business within no time. Cloud-based Solution integrates the supplier's relationship management processes with procurement processes to cut the time delays, functional & geographical limitations. With the utilization of system offered, distribution & managing companies can get the appropriate balance between supply & demand and this will be done by the functionality of forecasting scheduling and production planning.
With the help of SCM software provided by ACGIL, user can manage the following functions:

Plan Business Management

It provides a platform to streamline all supply chain by having real-time department information. Users also get to see quick decision response as it helps to plan business revenue.

Retail Chain Management

Retail Management is now easy as it can differentiate between leading industry changes and the previous one and it helps to deal with complex supply chain processes.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Users can now reduce the hassle of logistics management & warehousing, make better decisions to achieve perfect order completion.

Logistics Management

Make your business logistics problems flexible without impacting your warehouse functionality. This facilitates entire inventory plans and has positive effects on billing and labor.

Contract Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management is considered a combination of various points such as source material, production planning, product delivery, and return policy.

Multi-channel Management

It automates & standardize the processes, monitors operations, and control business expenditures in order to effectively manage supplier relationship with present clients.

Business follow-ups

This software helps to follow up business processes efficiently, by changing the operations of procurement and supply chain.

Business Content Library

In Supply Chain Management business library there are various data structure defined to integrate modules, also users can select their own data storage structure and plan future strategy.

Features of SCM

  • Raw material procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Order Management
  • Logistics monitoring & control
  • Production Planning and forecasting

Complete Process of Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Generic Process – Financial Accounting.
  • Supply Chain Management - Sales Management, Order to cash, inventory, order entry, purchasing, product configurator, supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, inspection of goods, claim processing, and Payment calculation
  • Financials - General ledger, cash management, accounts payables, accounts receivable, fixed assets
  • Delivery Management - connect sale with all stakeholders
  • Customer Relationship Management - sales & marketing relations, QC services, customer contact
  • Data Services - various 'self-service' interface for employees
  • Access Control - Management of user privileges for various processes
  • Data flow and information processing - All systems have a source and sink of information with an information processing mechanism in between. Data flow transfers information through processing modules.

Benefits of SCM

  • Enhance customer and supplier collaboration
  • Provide improved supply chain network.
  • Minimizes the chances of delay in project completion
  • The lower overall cost of operations
  • Facilitated with quick optimization and monitoring process flow functionality
  • It marginally decreases transport errors.
  • This system effectively reduces the shipment costs
  • Provide value-added customer service.
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