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Supplier Management

Supplier Management

A technical tool for managing strategy, planning, and other supplier activities is supplier Management. Every organization purchases some goods from external sources, these are important for better functioning of the organization. Online ERP Software aims to obtain a sufficient amount of return for the amount spend on the suppliers and provide better quality service. This system is helpful in negotiating projects contracts and maintaining business targets by keeping an accurate record. ERP Software Company in the country is collaborating with suppliers for advanced supply chain process, it allows real-time communications, streamline business processes and automates purchasing orders.


  • Supplier categorization and database
  • Supplier item database along with the supplier wise price fixation
  • Provision for supplier wise terms and condition
  • Indent (general/adjustments)
  • Purchase order (generation/ amendments/ adjustments)
  • Purchase order generation against indent/ sales order
  • Purchase order status (vendor wise/ product wise)
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