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Purchase Management

Purchase Management

Purchase Management helps in streamlining the procurement process, from raw materials to invoicing of products, goods return and results. This Web-based ERP Software keeps track of all purchase order, quickly customizes the information of purchase order and better purchase decision with an accurate forecast. ACGIL is the ERP Software Development Company which provide convenient purchasing software to deal with extra expenses, improved workflow and removes paperwork.


  • Purchase Requisition
  • Authorize Purchase Requisition
  • Print Purchase Requisition
  • Enter Purchase Orders
  • Authorize Purchase Orders
  • Amend Authorize Purchase Orders
  • Cancel Purchase Orders
  • Print Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Pending For Delivery (Report)
  • Summary of purchase orders (Report)
  • Purchase Order yet to be raised (for sales order) – used in back-to-back ordering
  • History of last 5 Purchase orders for any item etc (screen display)
  • List of Items (Reports)
  • List of Suppliers (Report)
  • List of customers (Report)
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